Drug Charges in Fort Smith?

If you’ve been charged with possession or delivery of drugs, the penalty you face depends on several factors including your criminal record and the amount you had in possession. With prison time being one of the potential outcomes, it makes sense to seek out a Fort Smith attorney with extensive experience with drug charges – like Brent Hall. An experienced attorney can assess the situation and make the right call for your defense.

What is Drug Court?

Instead of going through the traditional justice system, eligible persons may be transferred to Drug Court, which is designed for non-violent offenders. Drug court works under a special model to bring together all of the normal pieces of a drug case (prosecution, defense, law enforcement, etc.) to work together to provide a solution as opposed to punishment.  Their aim is help non-violent offenders recover and restore their role as productive citizens. Upon a successful drug court program, the offender’s criminal conviction is expunged or sealed.

Drug court lawyer in Fort Smith

Drug charges are a serious matter and finding the right lawyer makes all of the difference. Brent has the experience you’re looking for when it comes to drug charges and related cases and drug court proceedings. Fill out the contact form above or give us a call at 479.783.2326.